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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sorry about being late on this particular post, a big fuck you to Real Life because it's getting in my Twilife too much *GO AWAY*

The Buried Among The Begonias discussion has begun!
Is begun a word? doesn't matter
because it has. Cutie at Super Secret Twilight Blog started it off with the anticipated Q&A with the author of BATB, DurtyNelly. Her answers were detailed, funny, and interesting. I love learning about an author. It really does give you a little insight into their characters. She gave us fans plenty of juicy info to chew on and also a really kick ass playlist that inspires her while she writes! The music is hardcore but so is her fic. I listened to it while I read the Q&A. She was a great sport and answered EVERY question that was given to her...I'm talking 46 fucked up queries and she answered them ALL! She did answer two of my questions!!

15. Have you ever been in an S&M relationship
before or do you find that is just a kinky muse
for only your inner thoughts which tends
come out in your characters?

No, I've never been in an S&M relationship. I'm not a masochist, or big on pain. I am, however, in a D/s relationship, but I try to avoid dreaded punishment spankings at ALL costs. (shudder) When I do get into trouble, I usually cry like a baby and try to pout my way out of it. You know, big sad eyes, quivering lips, lots of snot and blubbering, the whole sah-bang. (snicker) Yes, I'm a sly, snarky little Sub. never works though, because he knows me too well.

16. Did you research the effects of split personality disorder or have you known someone with schizophrenia?

Yep, like I said before, I did oh-so-much research. No, I don't know anyone with MPD or schizophrenia. My hubby is a diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive....does that count? (snort)

Here are some things I learned during the Q&A that really caught my eye!!

One of her favorite authors is Chuck Palahniuk. I fucking adore Chuck Palahniuk and the twisted beauty that is his work!
She herself is in an D/s that makes sense!
She received a really harsh comment for her Chapter 13
Masen enjoys Apple Pie while Edward enjoys Princess Cake lol
I loved how a lot of her answers were open ended and makes you want to ask more questions*Grr*
She would not choose the Twilight cast to play her characters if her story became a movie. Who would she choose for Bella and Edward...these people...

Samantha Noble and Jensen Ackels

They are both very smexy so honestly I think her picks are fine even though when I read BATB I envision someone else.

That of course is the next session of the BATB discussion. Since DurtyNelly has a seperate idea of who her Masen is, Fragile Little Human thought that we as fans should share who our Masen is!! I've submitted mine of course and that section of the discussion will be posted on Sept 1st.

In addition to all the Q&A goodies, DurtyNelly posted Chapter 15 for BATB!! It's called Rip, Brake, and Burn. You can read that here or you can start from the beginning and catch up here.

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  • cutie
    August 30, 2009 at 6:29 PM  

    Thank you for supporting the discussion! It's been SO much fun! And Durty is the bestest. :)

    I am beyond excited about fragile's guest post! It's going to be sofa king cool to see who everyone picked. I've got my own Masen, but I ain't say who just yet... *wink*


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