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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm glad you all are enjoying my spotlight posts. I really enjoy writing them! I have a lot on my plate right at this moment but I'm working on my next spotlight piece as I type patience!

Updates...HELL YEAH!!

DurtyNelly is currently working on the next chapter of Buried Among the Begonias because I need a demon fix BAD so hopefully that will be out soon!

Both HunterHunting and and tby789 have posted sneak peeks to their upcoming chapters...Oh yes I have totally forgot to mention that I have fallen in love with these two stories Clipped Wings and Inked Armor and The Office(this one I got fuckin yelled at for not reading yet)

Guess who created this? Me! HA!

*Side Note* These two fan fics are the shit and there will be special posts on them soon..promise!

Because I'm so damn behind in shit I haven't checked the updates for Ysar's Breathe Again in forever and she has written not one, not two, but three new chapters since I last caught up...Damn!!

Not Kidding...the best fucking Bella/Jacob fic out there!

And lastly but sure as hell not least... A Fragile Little Human has also updated Breathe Me. This story just keeps getting better with each chapter!

Speaking of A Fragile Little Human she has decided to bond with me in a type of marriage? Yes we are lovers.....of Fan Fiction!!!!! (stupid pervs what the hell did you think I meant)
Anyways I have decided to write a one shot of my very own. Now I've never done this shit before so i'm already freaking out about it but my new Beta,

I even got her a ring to make it official *hee hee*

has assured me that my idea is good I just need to flesh it out so look for that in upcoming news as well!

So make the time and go read these fics. They are worth it!

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Spotlight on I'll Be Your Lover Too  

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I figure I would start off this spotlight feature by giving you all a little taste of Mrs. Robward's most recent chapter, appropriately named "Saturate Me"

His tousled hair was standing on ends, the damage attributed to his nervous habit. His perfect lips, the ones I earlier had pressed against mine, were barely open and I could see his heavenly tongue resting in its home. I inhaled deeply through my nose trying to recall the scent that had encased me during our embrace and I bit down on my own bottom lip to somehow try and recreate the zing from that kiss. I would never forget that feeling.

And that's not even half of the steamy goodness that follows in Chapter 9, which includes Wetward. I'll repeat that...Wetward...nuff said. How could I not do a spotlight on this story?

In Susie's Spotlight: What Is I'll Be Your Lover Too

Button made by Betti

From Mrs. Robwards profile: Edward and Bella were childhood friends, after years apart, they're back together for their Senior Year of High School. Has their friendship out lasted the distance that's been between them or will their past spoil what could be?

The Basics

This beautiful story is one of my favorite All Human fics written by my dear bloggy friend Mrs. Robward. It is a work in progress and she is cranking out chapters as fast as she can. Chapter 9 was posted for our viewing pleasure yesterday and that can be viewed HERE

What's In A Name?

One of the main things that first attracted me to this piece was the title itself. Not only is a the brief summary important but when searching for a new story to read I have to be intrigued by the title as well. As a Rob fan (obviously) Mrs. Robward knows her man and I have to admit listening to RPattz covering Van Morrison's I'll Be Your Lover Too sends chills up my spine but since I started reading this story the song now reminds me of it.


We All need a little inspiration and authors are no different. Stephanie Meyer even has playlists of songs that inspired her to write our beloved Saga. So what gives Mrs. Robward the inspiration for each chapter?...this lovely video created by our very own Mrs. Vanquish!!!

Character Roundup

Mrs. Robward writes each character with a specific personality in mind and although they aren't what one normally expects, its fun to see these couples portrayed differently. I'm very fond of uniquely written characters and Mrs. Robward knows how to do it right.

Alice and Jasper: The Shy Couple

Emmett and Rosalie: The Dirty Couple

Esme: The Sentimental Mom

Bella: Emotionally Scarred with a dash of Tease

Edward: Bruised and Confused

Susie's Opinion

Witty, funny, emotional, seductive, steamy, and at times leaves your heart doing a little awww thump thump awww (okay those were a bunch of adjectives and one weird sound effect but you get my point) So far I adore this story. I look forward to each time she posts a new chapter. I enjoy the setting, the plot, and the characters. For me when one of those three things is weak then I can't usually enjoy the story. If I were a teacher I would give Mrs. Robward a little gold star for all

So now that you know what to expect out of the talented Mrs. Robward I suggest you quit reading this and click on this kick ass banner below created by Reigny, start from the beginning, and get the full experience of I'll Be Your Lover Too...Enjoy!

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