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Monday, August 31, 2009

So much stuff happened on Friday that it was like a bloggy overload so I waited until today to let you all know that Chapter 10 of Breathe Me by A Fragile Little Human is up and awaiting your opinion.

In Susie's Spotlight: What is Breathe Me?

Banner made by A Fragile Little Human

From FLH's Profile Page: Deserted by her first love, Bella leaves Forks and finds a new path. A new friendship causes her past to resurface. Will she return to a life that broke her heart?

Breathe Me is the kind of story that I like to call "the road less traveled". I know you're thinking WTF but seriously hear me out. In our beloved New Moon when Edward leaves Bella she has to suffer and rebuild herself only to return to Edward! Now we all love Bella/Edward together, but in all honesty if that shit happened to me I would not have gone back to him. I think this is exactly what Fragile Little Human is trying to convey with this story.

She Ain't No Wilting Flower

What if Bella said, "Charlie I can't stay here lets get the fuck out of Forks and move on from all this messed up shit." and Charlie agreed? Thus begins a side of a Bella character I have never read before. This Bella character, while it takes time, becomes more strong willed and with more courage and conviction than any Bella character I've read. No joke people if you can recommend a strong Bella character to me I would love to see it because she is not represented enough in fan fiction. Fragile Little Human on the other hand knocks it out of the ball park.

Helllloooo Handsome!

This story is also the very first crossover fic I have ever read. Don't cringe just yet. I know many people aren't keen to reading crossovers. I did hesitate at first but since I can never say no to Fragile*wink*I took a chance. It was worth it. The crossover characters are from a short lived Tv Show called Moonlight. While there vampiric orgins differ from the vampires of the Twilight Saga, Fragile Little Human explains it so simply that you start to think, why couldn't there be several different species. It really does make sense. Mick is the central Moonlight character in this fic although other roles, such as Mick's lover Beth, has made an appearance so far. While I have yet to watch Moonlight, You can read this story just fine without needing to know the history of Moonlight and its still just as good. A good backstory is always intriguing so eventually I will give it a chance because I would really like to learn more about Mick in his world.

Here is just a teeny tiny teaser sentence from Chapter 10 that jumped out and bit me...

The sound of a shotgun blast and a muzzle flash over their heads shocked them out of their staredown. Mick turned to see Bella standing, mouth hanging open, a shotgun in her hand, and a shell casing at her feet.

Hopefully that convinced you to go to one of two places

To Read From The Beginning OR Read The Latest Chapter

Remember to leave comments to the author letting her know what you think about her work. I know she appreciates it!

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Shit that Happened Friday That I'm Just Now Posting  

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sorry about being late on this particular post, a big fuck you to Real Life because it's getting in my Twilife too much *GO AWAY*

The Buried Among The Begonias discussion has begun!
Is begun a word? doesn't matter
because it has. Cutie at Super Secret Twilight Blog started it off with the anticipated Q&A with the author of BATB, DurtyNelly. Her answers were detailed, funny, and interesting. I love learning about an author. It really does give you a little insight into their characters. She gave us fans plenty of juicy info to chew on and also a really kick ass playlist that inspires her while she writes! The music is hardcore but so is her fic. I listened to it while I read the Q&A. She was a great sport and answered EVERY question that was given to her...I'm talking 46 fucked up queries and she answered them ALL! She did answer two of my questions!!

15. Have you ever been in an S&M relationship
before or do you find that is just a kinky muse
for only your inner thoughts which tends
come out in your characters?

No, I've never been in an S&M relationship. I'm not a masochist, or big on pain. I am, however, in a D/s relationship, but I try to avoid dreaded punishment spankings at ALL costs. (shudder) When I do get into trouble, I usually cry like a baby and try to pout my way out of it. You know, big sad eyes, quivering lips, lots of snot and blubbering, the whole sah-bang. (snicker) Yes, I'm a sly, snarky little Sub. never works though, because he knows me too well.

16. Did you research the effects of split personality disorder or have you known someone with schizophrenia?

Yep, like I said before, I did oh-so-much research. No, I don't know anyone with MPD or schizophrenia. My hubby is a diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive....does that count? (snort)

Here are some things I learned during the Q&A that really caught my eye!!

One of her favorite authors is Chuck Palahniuk. I fucking adore Chuck Palahniuk and the twisted beauty that is his work!
She herself is in an D/s that makes sense!
She received a really harsh comment for her Chapter 13
Masen enjoys Apple Pie while Edward enjoys Princess Cake lol
I loved how a lot of her answers were open ended and makes you want to ask more questions*Grr*
She would not choose the Twilight cast to play her characters if her story became a movie. Who would she choose for Bella and Edward...these people...

Samantha Noble and Jensen Ackels

They are both very smexy so honestly I think her picks are fine even though when I read BATB I envision someone else.

That of course is the next session of the BATB discussion. Since DurtyNelly has a seperate idea of who her Masen is, Fragile Little Human thought that we as fans should share who our Masen is!! I've submitted mine of course and that section of the discussion will be posted on Sept 1st.

In addition to all the Q&A goodies, DurtyNelly posted Chapter 15 for BATB!! It's called Rip, Brake, and Burn. You can read that here or you can start from the beginning and catch up here.

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Fan Fiction Updates and DurtyNelly Q&A  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm really trying my best to get the ball rolling on this blog. I enjoy a sense of order and organization when it comes to posts. I haven't decided what day I'll be posting FF Recs each week but I do know one thing for sure...when a Twific is updated I will report!!

Mrs. Robward has posted Chapter 7 of I'll Be Your Lover, Too. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites and I'm currently working on the Title Pic to put it on the sidebar with the others.

A little synopsis of I'll Be Your Lover, Too.....

Edward and Bella were childhood friends, after years apart, they're back together for their Senior Year of High School. Has their friendship out lasted the distance that's been between them or will their past spoil what could be?

If you have been keeping up with this fic then go right now and read Chapter 7: Moonlight Pucker

If you haven't read it yet than here is a little yummy...and I do mean YUMMY...preview clip!!

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! I think he is going to fucking kiss me!

I was frozen. My muscles in pleasurable shock from the heat of Edward body so close to mine. I had done such a good job keeping my distance from him. I had been repeatedly reminding myself he was just a friend, nothing more and that he could NEVER be more than that.

Letting your best friend become your boyfriend would only lead to hell on a fast train.

Then I failed.

Also In the Twificverse...Friday August 28th Cutie
of Super Secret Twilight Blog will be posting her Q&A session with DurtyNelly. Who is DurtyNelly? Well she is sadistic genius behind the hardcore Darkward fic Buried Among The Begonias. If you want to read it than go over to the sidebar and get caught up before jumping over to Super Secret Twilight Blog on Friday to read the Q&A. I will be posting an update on this session tomorrow since a few of my questions will be appearing during it.

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The Haven is Opened For Business  

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am so damn excited to share this new section with all of you that I am currently bouncing in my chair! This my lovelies is your Fan Fiction escape...let me give you a little tour. On your right hand side you will see all of the other crazy bitches that love Twilight Fan Fiction. Currently there are only three of being the amazing Cutie from Super Secret Twilight Blog who is my Twific crack dealer. If you would like updates, reviews, discussions, and recommendations on amazing Twilight Fan Fiction than you need to push that little follow button too. Below that are actual book series' that have captured my heart since reading the Twilight Saga. These series are also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Below that is the three main places I go to find Twifiction. If you would like to recommend any new stories or you have a story of your own than leave me a comment or send me an email(Email addy can be found on the main ApplesnFeathers page). Below that is a small but growing list of vampire movies that I have loved over the years! Like I have said in posts on AnF, I've been a lover of the Undead for a long ass time. There will be more editions on the right side of the blog soon since I'll be looking for affiliates in a couple of weeks. I also plan on adding special links for discussions that I'm involved in.

The left side of the blog will be nothing but my all time favorite Twifics. I have personally fallen in love with each of the stories and created a personal Title Pic for each one. This list will grow I PROMISE YOU THAT!

Now that you've gotten a full tour...sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


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Work In Progress  

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm currently getting all the goodies together so come back soon!!

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