Fan Fiction Updates and DurtyNelly Q&A  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm really trying my best to get the ball rolling on this blog. I enjoy a sense of order and organization when it comes to posts. I haven't decided what day I'll be posting FF Recs each week but I do know one thing for sure...when a Twific is updated I will report!!

Mrs. Robward has posted Chapter 7 of I'll Be Your Lover, Too. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites and I'm currently working on the Title Pic to put it on the sidebar with the others.

A little synopsis of I'll Be Your Lover, Too.....

Edward and Bella were childhood friends, after years apart, they're back together for their Senior Year of High School. Has their friendship out lasted the distance that's been between them or will their past spoil what could be?

If you have been keeping up with this fic then go right now and read Chapter 7: Moonlight Pucker

If you haven't read it yet than here is a little yummy...and I do mean YUMMY...preview clip!!

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! I think he is going to fucking kiss me!

I was frozen. My muscles in pleasurable shock from the heat of Edward body so close to mine. I had done such a good job keeping my distance from him. I had been repeatedly reminding myself he was just a friend, nothing more and that he could NEVER be more than that.

Letting your best friend become your boyfriend would only lead to hell on a fast train.

Then I failed.

Also In the Twificverse...Friday August 28th Cutie
of Super Secret Twilight Blog will be posting her Q&A session with DurtyNelly. Who is DurtyNelly? Well she is sadistic genius behind the hardcore Darkward fic Buried Among The Begonias. If you want to read it than go over to the sidebar and get caught up before jumping over to Super Secret Twilight Blog on Friday to read the Q&A. I will be posting an update on this session tomorrow since a few of my questions will be appearing during it.

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