The Haven is Opened For Business  

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am so damn excited to share this new section with all of you that I am currently bouncing in my chair! This my lovelies is your Fan Fiction escape...let me give you a little tour. On your right hand side you will see all of the other crazy bitches that love Twilight Fan Fiction. Currently there are only three of being the amazing Cutie from Super Secret Twilight Blog who is my Twific crack dealer. If you would like updates, reviews, discussions, and recommendations on amazing Twilight Fan Fiction than you need to push that little follow button too. Below that are actual book series' that have captured my heart since reading the Twilight Saga. These series are also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Below that is the three main places I go to find Twifiction. If you would like to recommend any new stories or you have a story of your own than leave me a comment or send me an email(Email addy can be found on the main ApplesnFeathers page). Below that is a small but growing list of vampire movies that I have loved over the years! Like I have said in posts on AnF, I've been a lover of the Undead for a long ass time. There will be more editions on the right side of the blog soon since I'll be looking for affiliates in a couple of weeks. I also plan on adding special links for discussions that I'm involved in.

The left side of the blog will be nothing but my all time favorite Twifics. I have personally fallen in love with each of the stories and created a personal Title Pic for each one. This list will grow I PROMISE YOU THAT!

Now that you've gotten a full tour...sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


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