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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm glad you all are enjoying my spotlight posts. I really enjoy writing them! I have a lot on my plate right at this moment but I'm working on my next spotlight piece as I type patience!

Updates...HELL YEAH!!

DurtyNelly is currently working on the next chapter of Buried Among the Begonias because I need a demon fix BAD so hopefully that will be out soon!

Both HunterHunting and and tby789 have posted sneak peeks to their upcoming chapters...Oh yes I have totally forgot to mention that I have fallen in love with these two stories Clipped Wings and Inked Armor and The Office(this one I got fuckin yelled at for not reading yet)

Guess who created this? Me! HA!

*Side Note* These two fan fics are the shit and there will be special posts on them soon..promise!

Because I'm so damn behind in shit I haven't checked the updates for Ysar's Breathe Again in forever and she has written not one, not two, but three new chapters since I last caught up...Damn!!

Not Kidding...the best fucking Bella/Jacob fic out there!

And lastly but sure as hell not least... A Fragile Little Human has also updated Breathe Me. This story just keeps getting better with each chapter!

Speaking of A Fragile Little Human she has decided to bond with me in a type of marriage? Yes we are lovers.....of Fan Fiction!!!!! (stupid pervs what the hell did you think I meant)
Anyways I have decided to write a one shot of my very own. Now I've never done this shit before so i'm already freaking out about it but my new Beta,

I even got her a ring to make it official *hee hee*

has assured me that my idea is good I just need to flesh it out so look for that in upcoming news as well!

So make the time and go read these fics. They are worth it!

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